Monday, August 9, 2010

Movie Project

I recently finished a large commission for a movie, "Homeless For the Holidays" to be released this fall. Independent film producer, George A. Johnson, asked me to create a dozen paintings, including 7 portraits of some of the actors in the film. The art will be used for the opening title sequence.

This is the character "Eddie" in the film. I had a lot of fun with this project. The challenge was to paint the personalities of the characters in the story, not merely the likeness of the actors.


LUKE said...

LOVE the portraits! Was introduced to the film last month & have been trying to share it with everyone I meet. It's a wonderful family film for the holidays or any time of year!And something we can all relate to in today's world. Thanks for sharing your talent with such an amazing project! I encourage all your readers to go and & check out Homeless for the Holidays on DVD! Definitely one to add to the holiday movie collection! Thanks again!

Valorie said...

Thank you, Luke! I've really enjoyed the movie, too. I'm really inspired to share with others.