Monday, June 18, 2012

Plein Air Oil Painting Workshop

What a beautiful day! Five students joined the class to paint at the lovely Sterne Park in Littleton. The person standing in the top photo was another plein air artist who had also been painting in the park and stopped by to say hello.
After a picnic lunch, the class moved to the rose garden with a picturesque gazebo and a war memorial across the street. You can see 3 students in the photo below. The rest of us were on the opposite side under a tree.

We were surprised when a group of people showed up while we were painting. Turned out they came for a wedding! I offered to move the class, but no one seemed to mind our being there. There were about 30 chairs set up in front of the gazebo, and the wedding took place on it as we painted. It was quite romantic!

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